træningstøj med let holdningsstøtte - Be Balanced Technical sports support tshirt

Modelnr: LT009

Be Balanced Correct Posture T'shirt We all sweat when we work and do sports, Right? With our new Products prewent sweat to stink. It Is higly transporting sweat out and away from your body. Preventing you to smell and instead feel Nice cool and great, all Day long. This model supports your hole body and gives your Cheast and back a good support. So smooth and Nice to wear, you dont Want to use any other Products from now on.! Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static, Anti-UV, Breathable, Quick Dry, Windproof. Size are normal: Size 10 is small/Medium, Size 14 is Large/ XLarge (up to 44) Every size is very stretchy and Flexible fabric and Can fit most people. Washing: only rince by hand in mild soap, no detergent and hang to dry. Price kr. 599.-